Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Fat Old Men

A dear Giant friend of mine recently put me onto this, which is one of my favorite writers beating the shit out of someone in what looks like a mini LA River.

I watched a bit but decided if my crush on this scumbag was going to remain intact I'd prefer not to know whether or not he murdered him. But if you've seen Infamy and heard about some of the Violence in the LA scene its really not that surprising, nonetheless this is how I would like to remember Revok, drinking out of a Gallon Bottle of Sangria at an AWR exhibition in Summer, in Brooklyn. That was a fun night.

This made me think of other unconventional crushes. Just so everyone gets the picture, I am very happily in love with my boyfriend and have no plans to move to LA and start chasing Revok around Venice Beach. By Crush I mean like Scott Wolf in Grade 6. Probably to the rest of the Women in the world the dude from Grey's Anatomy and Jesse Mettcalfe. People you don't even want to meet in case the ruin the dream (ahem RZA)

Case in Point - Jeremy Clarkson. There is no logical explanation for this one and I'm sure if you put him in front of me I'd run to the hills with fear.

Vince Vaughn - More for the fact that I like to believe he is actually his character from Wedding Crashers or Dodgeball.

Being sick you have a lot of time on your hands, forgive me if the quality is lacking with these posts.


Miglet said...

Mmmmm, Vince Vaughn.

Community College said...

I feel ya on the fat old men tip, I wanna pound james gandolfini or rather Tony Soprano. But I'm weird, I also love Ray Liottas acne scars and Joaquin Phoenix's hare lip. Ugly sex is hot.