Thursday, 19 June 2008

Player Pleasssse!

Ok drunken blogger moment but I have a BIGGGG penchant for pop and rnb circa 2000-2001 due to my highschool senior years and I LOVED this song by 3LW "no more (baby I'm a do right)". haha It brings back awesome memories of when I would tape shit of "rick dees and the weekly top fortyyyyyyyy" straight to cassette and do my daily 350 situps (can u believe i was that fit?!!) each day to my fav rnb mixes. Now I'm a fat turd that listens to Cassie, so it's not such a huge jump.
How cute are these little islander girls singer my fav 3LW track all acoustic and shit. Love it! Reminds me of my girl Chantal back in B-town so hard, Know you love this cheesy track too babe, miss yaaaa!
p.s will so post cassie - me and you when I'm more sober. I am still not over that track haha.


Hayley said...

You crack me up lady. Did you go past your 4 drink limit last night?

I hope that you did a little dance when you posted that.


Community College said...

I had four drinks....but three of them were smirnoff double blacks. hahaha. Such a cheater, but hey when it's free. Don't feel TOO shitty today but think I'm gonna keep it fairly relaxed this weekend.

And yeah totally had a dance when i posted this haha. a chair dance.