Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Sneaker Freaker x Puma Black Beast Launch - Melbourne

Also between 6 and 8 - Mexi at Section 8. See you at both.


Community College said...

Another colourway another launch? Hmm, think i'm gonna hermit it up this weekend due to my ridics budget of 47 bucks til the 4th of July I got going on. Plus sneaker events have the ability to give me rage blackouts of late, i blame work, vain little-bitch dudes with too much money and ugly white bitches in bathrooms who were mean to me last time i was at first floor. woah, hate tirade, sorry. I've been working too hard. I have nightmares bout streetwear and ad sales each night, so don't mind me.

al said...

such a dope kick. much better than the first c/w. wish i could be down for this.

Hayley said...

CC - What the fuck did those bitches do? No one fucks with Mayorettes!

Al - You know what to do. Move already...come visit us! You can go to endless launches, just ask CC.

Soph said...

I'm with CC. Friday night is about Bed, Fake Tan and maybe some Chocolate.

And I committed the CC Sunnies (against everyones good advice) so my budget is looking Similar.