Monday, 16 June 2008


Okay I wrote all this  shit and blogger deleted it coz it sucks so I am less enthusiastic about this post now than I was say....15 minutes ago fuckers but I will start again. (Hayley I need tuition on uploading pics coz this be killing me!)

Anywayyy. A few of the mayorettes have been feeling sick of late (alcoholism is a bitch to your immunity apparently) so I've basically just been sitting around feeling sorry for myself and fantasising about my dream sickness fantasy, wishing I was at home being waited on by my boyfriend or someone in a rad house with an ensuite and ofcourse with any fantasy of mine, my outfit. In real life I'm in my shitty apartment in a creaky bed in target panties chugging codral and berocca and forcing myself to work while my boyfriend stays in bed but for the sake of fantasy I present to dream sick outfit. Note: I was  watching alot of girls of the Playboy Mansion while I've been sick.

Firstly while I fully acknowledge just how gross and wrong Juicy Couture is, I still sorta love it sometimes. Especially this hot dressing gown! Love it. And I'm totally as hot as this bitch when I'm sick, not pasty as shit with oily hair and smudged eye liner and haven't brushed my teeth in 2 days. Hang on that's pretty much how I look all the time, sick or not.
Secondly, when I'm sick or just schlepping in general you gotta have a big old boy's tee, all washed out and thin. I have a California one I got from a mate and it is so fuckin comfortable, like I wanna be buried in it. I wear it out too, it actually has holes in it where I use it to open my beers though, classy. This Foreigner one is pretty dope tho.
Feet are gonna get cold, so as I couldn't find any good pics of thigh-high sports socks, I'm going these little numbers. 

For undies I'm going boy leg and the trashier the better, and noone does trashy quite like D & G. I seriously wanna buy these!
And slippers I'm going all out and getting stripper heels as I'll be lying down so who gives a shit. Plus I might be sick but I still want my calves to look good right.
And to polish it all off, ok not outfit related but I'll be spending my sickness hiatus in Summer Roberts house in the OC. On a big four-poster bed, with lavender satin sheets.....and cable tv and ice tea and like a fruit platter.  Fuck man why can't I be a Kardashian. I missed my calling. Working while sick oughtta be illegal. Even if the sickness was basically self induced. Okay totally self induced.

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Hayley said...

Thank fuck you're not a Kardashian!

I wish a sexy sars outfit could include trackies and boyfriends' hoody...and still look sexy. Bummer.

Maybe we can start a line of hot sickness clothing, they people would be begging to look after us. x