Monday, 23 June 2008

Skate or....die?

That niggling half cold just got a little more niggling due in no small part to the fact that Aek, a mate I know through the mag, and team manager of the E's, Etnies, Emerica stables was in town for the Game of Skate gig and the boys were hungry for tallies.
Good jesus I drank alot of beer AND better still got the last train home, like by the skin of my balls! So fufilling to make that las train when the doors were closing.

The medal, some Element dude won I believe.

Hang on...maybe Paul won, ahhh I kill meeeeee!


bottoms up aek!


Moses, french skater....nuf said :)


no wonder our throats cane...

and he's gonna kill me if he ever finds this!

All's well that ends well

1 comment:

k-dawg said...

hahahaaaaa how funny is paulos with the medal, you should put a speech bubble on it about wanting to be a skater when he grows up or something.

i'm happy you still call them tallies and not longnecks, the term longnecks is too sophisticated for what they are. x