Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Sport, Mayorette Style

So its Week Four of the Gym going activities. I don't know if I'm any fitter or looking any more like Gwen Stefani's abs but I am thoroughly enjoying eating and drinking what I want (other than White Wine, Chocolate & Cigarettes) and not having a hint of guilt.

Jessie must have realised that I am the Sports Lord of the Century as she has pointed me in the direction of the Chanel 2008 Sports Collection. I do remember when Posh Spice took her kids to the Swiss Alps and was rocking head to toe Chanel gear, including Ski's. A part of me died, a part of me wanted those Ski's.

Anyway when I am stupidly opulent and running Chanel, with the help of Karl of course, I will be Boarding the French Alps on this little number.

And riding round Paris on this. Rumor has it is costs upward of $13,000. Jessie is taking up Tennis this Summer so this is for her.

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Hayley said...

Ooooh! I could rock that snowboard.