Monday, 27 October 2008

me so tired

not sure why i'm posting exactly besides the fact i wanna put up this photo awwwww.
Anyone else suffering from sleep depravation. I have such an insane week this week that i wanna run away and sleep in a cave for a month and hopefully everything will blow over. Maybe I'll adopt a cute baby bear in the cave while i'm there. Or bats. But I don't like bats, I had a dream bout bats the other day and it was gross and weird and they were all dying and I had to feed them apple juice (?) with a babys bottle. Today I found two dead baby birds out the front of my apartment. Gross and sad. Baby birds are ugly but it's still sad. I think a dumb cat got them, stupid cats.
I wanna go back to the beach :(


Sanchez said...

No-doz is your friend.

Hayley said...

Let's go find a cave! I want to hide in it too. But it will need an internet connection. Know of any?