Wednesday, 15 October 2008


This time tomorrow I'll be on the purdy purdy north coast of NSW, ahhhhhh. Check out me and my friends above (do you like my new bikini, i'm on the left). So yeah I was all gonna do sit-ups and go and a diet and shiz to shape up for this thing and then I realised "hang on, it's just Paul's family, who gives a shit if I look fat to them!" They're all actually really naturally skinny as so I maybe should of thought this through a little more but meh. I just went to the solarium instead. Man I love that place. It's like church for me.

But yeah seriously cannot WAIT for happy beach times. Haven't swam in like eight months or something or seen a proper beach. Plus my brain feels like it's fried to a crisp from work so I'm well and truly ready for some R and R (not rock and roll). Still got a bit of work to do but I have a fantasy of writing my articles like a rich old bitch in the Hamptons or something haha.

Okay ladies, next time you hear from me I'll be on island time (not really but I always wanted to say that haha).

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I Miss Cigarettes... said...

i feel good bout myself

thanks cc

p.s bags the pink two peice