Wednesday, 15 October 2008


I somewhat cringe when I write, say, spell or enunciate that word these days. 'Streetwear' may as well be said 'Overexposed Unimaginative Hypercolour Wannabe Wear' and in the case of the Females, whilst there are many more options for 'labels' these days, there is a gigantic lack of originality in that a few people put some slogans on a Teeshirt and call it a Fashion Label.

I was having a conversation yesterday when I realised I haven't worn a printed tee in months. Thats not to say I have anything against them but after a while wearing the same Kicks x Tee x Nails combination, no matter how interesting, gets made thoroughly uninteresting by the rest of the globe doing the same thing. And I would like to think that its OK for people's style to evolve. I don't want to wear the exact same kit in different colours for the rest of my life and I also don't want to restrict myself to a group of clothing because other people percieve thats who I am or what I do.

I think what I do really respect about the Tees that I do have and do wear is that they really have been the originators and in a lot of cases developed far beyond their humble beginnings. Lanie and Leah are doing Cut n Sew now, the KAWS MOB Bikini will go down in the history books, KJ has an amazingly Solid Design story and her collabs with Addict have been dope. Erin worked at Supreme and has given us such an amazing range of tailored jackets and leggings to die for. Claw is Claw, she didn't wake up and start a label, her label started because of her Symbol and her ability to do the same, if not better, than the boys in the Graff world. She's done a fucking Snowboard! Same with Mama, Gabriella was originally a lawyer who gave up what bored her to start an amazing label, rich in Fashion and Art history. Clothing for intelligent stylish ladies!

Things like that is why I will never rock something like the Tens. Sorry Bobby Hundreds but you should stick to guys clothes, not that the Tens make bad clothes but what do you know about Womens Fashion? Its the Streetwear Guy's Girlfriend clothing line, bought for her as she knows nothing about it and he wants her to look cool.

In a Marketing meeting the other day I heard of a concept called Brand Tribalism, where consumers seek out particular brands as a representation of certain values or beliefs they believe they hold and buy the brand to feel like they are part of that group. The Catch 22 is that they are trying to be 'different' by buying into something available to a million other people and try to vehemently 'defend' their brand and who wears it whilst feeling that any brand decision that goes against what they believe the core values to be is 'selling out'.

Interesting hey. I get it, if I see some wack bitch rocking MOB a little part of me dies. That said I was reading an interview in Rolling Stone yesterday, with Melbourne outfit Children Collide, and they were asked how they would feel if some Cashed Up Bogan wearing Zanerobe was into their shit and came up and told them how much they love them. Their response was quite a breath of fresh air, they went onto explain that they thought it was revoltingly arrogant to put music out there and relegate who can and can't be into it and they make music to be heard so they can't really complain about people hearing it.

What a refreshing attitude. Made me want to eat Lentils and be Positive. Hopefully such an attitude will last more than a day. Anyway there was a catalyst for all this and it was this tee.

I have nothing against the label, Lady of Rage or printed Teeshirts but I think its time for Lyric tees to die. When MOB's shit dropped I was stoked because no one was representing the ladies, other than Hellz Bellz, and if they were it was generic boring shit that certainly wasn't saying MOB Ain't Nuthin To Fuck With. But just as its time for All Over Print to die, I like to think Streetwear has gone past this.

Case in point Jeremy Scott for Adidas. Granted not the most wearable stuff on the Planet but at least its interesting! And shows some understanding of construction, fabric, texture and innovation. Its not another Slogan Tee insulting my intelligence, where is the thought behind the million and one brands coming out these days?

Similarly over at Brian Lichtenberg he is putting together some amazing little dresses and has avoided the printed tee situation all together.

However the one other Wack thing that I think has to stop in Womens Streetwear is Designer 'interpretaions', particularly Chanel CC rip offs. This tee is just fucking unimaginative. At least when Claw did it she really ran with the Concept, incorporating her Crews and Symbol instead of just rejigging some lettering and printing a tee.

So with some negativity off my chest, this is what I am feeling;

Made Me Leather Jacket, fucking Amazing, as was their Plaid Motorcycle Jacket from Last Collection.

Married to the Mob Sweet 16 Jacket in Red and 24th Street Jean in White.

Hellz Bellz Ride or Die Hoody in Charcoal and Stand Up Tee.

Not Bad for a Girl Doin It Doin It Doin It Well Tee.

Support whats good in life. Fabric.


Community College said...

have a tens tee!haha i got it free. i also love try hard chanel tees, it's played out but i love it. i think the tees and jeans thing is good coz it's easy and comfy and you don't need to shave your legs. I like cute shit too but i don't get cute shit through work so i'm rocking this for now. til it's too hot to wear jeans...and then i'm bringin out da shorts. shorts rock me world

AJ said...

Brian's "BRIANEL" print is miles ahead of anyone elses based on the sheer cleverness of it. Brian Lichtenberg = Brian L. = Brianel... I mean I could understand if you just were too think to catch that I guess...

iblogthereforeiam said...

claw money 'ran with the concept'? please, she used the same double C's as chanel. theres nothing more unimaginative than that.

Soph said...

Ha Ha who uses the word Please anymore? Why are people getting so bitchy about this post? Internet fighting about clothes is childish.

Claw Money actually didn't do the CC thing at all. She did CM for Claw Money and used all the Chanel No 5 stuff and turned it into TC5 which is her Crew. She didn't just write her name in Chanel font and stick it on a singlet.

But please carry on with your crusade.