Friday, 3 October 2008

Fuck Grunge

Alice Dellal can do it, she would look hot in a plastic bag, but few can pull it off. The whole Notstalgic good thing about Grunge is that it is over and if you missed it it's not coming back. It served its purposed, changed music and moved on. It was about as reclusive as you can get. It certainly wasn't mass produced shoes from China intended to fuel someones Prescription Drug and Plastic Surgery habit.

And despite having cheap black tights with holes in them, Cherry Red Doc Martens, minute Denim Skirts and bad baggy horrible coloured Tartan shirts from K-Mart when I was in my teens its not something I want to go back to. ITS FUCKING OVER PEOPLE. And nothing could signal more of a change from cheap lycra and holes to original elegance than the new Chanel Hosiery. I'm not sure if I want the shoes, the tights or the legs but I would happily take all 3.

The shoes are made with Flanelette and Calfskin Leather.

I don't really have anything much else to say other than I am getting crankier and boreder as the minutes tick by on the clock. Even listening to Method Man isn't getting me excited about the fact I don't have to come back to this boring sucky vortex of shit till Monday. Maybe some fucking SUNSHINE would help. Where did it go? Why am I wearing Jellies and a floaty Silk Singlet top? Why the fuck is Melbourne so retarded.

Sorry. Grunge, Chanel, Rant. Its what I do best.

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