Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Spills?

No more LC on the Hills? Its a disctinct possibility by the sounds of things. This could actually be good because then Heidi has no reason to be famous and hopefully Spencer will choke on a Dick and Die.

"It's coming to a point where I love this show so much, but I'm ready to kind of walk away," Lauren admits of her hit MTV show. "I've been doing it for five years now. Five years on TV is a really, really long time."

The good news is that MTV are giving Whitney Port her own show, The City, which is Rad because Whitney is the Raddest and Smartest of them all.

And in surprising news I stumbled upon these little tidbits of Information about Salaries on the Show;

Lauren Conrad: $75,000 per episode
Heidi Montag: $65,000 per episode
Spencer Pratt: $65,000 per episode

Audrina Patridge: $35,000 per episode
Whitney Port: $20,000 per episode
Brody Jenner: $10,000 per episode
Lauren Bosworth: $10,000 per episode
Stephanie Pratt: $8,000 per episode

Who the fuck would pay Spencer Pratt to be on anything?

In other devostating news this weeks episode from the States won't work, which is fucked because I want to watch it on my lunch break, or now as I am clearly doing so much work.

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Anonymous said...

heres a link to the new episode that works