Thursday, 2 October 2008


It's been announced, Kanye's touring first week of December and he's bring Nas with him! Our girl at i miss cigarettes is gonna be amped no doubt! hahah
Say what you what about Kanye, I think he's pretty douchey myself, but he's a great performer and this show will be dope. I'm so there! He's only playing east coast though, so if you aint Melb, Bris or Sydney, start crying...and not just coz of this tour . haha. Just kidding...


Soph said...

If Nas decides to Grace us with his presence.

He didn't show up to Rock the Bells in San Francisco last year.

Then after I managed to get Row G tickets to his show in Melbourne the whole tour got cancelled.

Nice, if he shows up.

PS I hate Kayne.

Sanchez said...

I just found this review on Kanye:

"The beat to Kanye West's music is always pretty catchy and easy to get into, but if you listen carefully to his lyrics - you'll find that they are ingenious! He refers to the most random, yet clever topics/themes -- a lot of them with interesting sociological references. He's definitely an artist that's honing his craft."

Rhyming 'safe' with 'safe' is not ingenious.

that being said i will probably go. he puts on a good show and if Nas shows up it will be better than staying at home watching re-runs of Rosanne.

I Miss Cigarettes... said...


i just died

thankyouuuuuuuuuu for the headsssup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if he comes
then i will officially die
ok, im going to have a great day now