Monday, 13 October 2008

Santogold Aus tour dates announced!

Okay I'll ease up on the music posts soon (it's either tunes or titties with me!) but I thought this was note-worthy. Santogold's announced her Aus tour dates. Personally I'm over her (WAAAYYYYY too much over-exposure, shame coz she's really talented) and her concerts would give me absolute rage blackouts because hipsters are my kryptonite but if you can stand all the 19 year olds with fucking string tied around their heads and wayfarers (oh good lord those glasses need to die already) it will probs be a fin nite. Man I'm a hater. But fuck me I hate hipsters.

Santogold tour dates:
Wed 31st Dec – Victoria, Falls Festival
Thu 1st Jan – Sydney, Field Day
Sat 3rd Jan – Western Australia, Southbound Festival
Mon 5th Jan – Melbourne, Billboard
Tue 6th Jan – Sydney, The Forum
Thu 8th Jan – Brisbane, Sunset Sounds
Stay tuned to ITM (and mayoress! hahah) for updates.

In the Mix is pretty nerdilinger but damn it's informative!


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Hayley said...

I just died. Someone get me a backstage pass...or a meet and greet...or something!