Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Haute Tramp

I have an undying love for Emilo Pucci, I think it comes from my Mothers embrace of colour. When I was a kid I remember Bright Pink Lipstick, lots of colourful Scarves and a refusal to wear Black. I think thats why I love Pucci Prints so much. I am not quite brave enough to go head to toe colour like Maman but I like that you can have a boring Black dress, some nice shoes and throw this on and it totally changes everything.

However some people get it wrong;

Leather Look leggings are great, my American Apparel ones have been getting quite the workout, but you don't mix Purple Shoes, Leather and a really bright Pucci Print with a Head that looks like it got punched in the face by Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol and then dipped into a bucket of Bleach. That said when has Xtina ever been stylish, understated or not resembled a cashed up Tramp? She should have stuck to the whole Vamp 50's image, that did wonders for her.

Similarly in the Tramp stakes, Vicky Becky was spotted out and about wearing some abhorrent Louboutin creations for Rodarte. I quite like both Louboutin and Rodarte but these are horrible. However I do take amusement from the fact they sent them down the runway on a Tilda Swinton lookalike and Becky the Overly Tanned, Overdone, Polar Opposite has taken them onboard. That said I like her dress, however it does make her look like a cross between Robin Hood and a Pixie.

Whilst we are on the subject of interesting Shoes, Chanel (suprise surprise) recently released a pair of Miami Vice Pumps for their 2009 Cruise Collection. I remember reading about the uproar this caused when Madonna, who is a rank bitch in my humble opinion, wore them to the Premiere of her directorial debut Filth and Wisdom and Anti Gun Lobbies across the US started protesting that it was irresponsible and promoted Gun Violence. Somehow I don't think Karl Karl would care.

However when I was having a look into their 09 Cruise Show I couldn't help but think of Alex (I think I miss her). How dope would she look in these little Neopolitan Icecream numbers?

Maybe Karl would like to Sponsor the Mayorettes, we might not be as rich as Daphne Guiness but we can kick it with the best of them. That said I would FREAK the fuck out if I was even in the same room as Karl Largerfeld.

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Community College said...

i'm baccckk! oooh i love the neopolitan outfits! that first one is tre cute. i actually bought some cute op shop shit on my trip which i'll have to post. country towns are good for something! got the cutest tennis dress from the seventies. yay can't wait til the weekend. i got sooooo much to do til then though. booooooo :( I want a fairy to do my work