Thursday, 30 October 2008

Ms Karen Jane

Have you ever noticed that I'm always wearing my NBFG x Addict hood? No, it's not because it's all I've got, I just can't bring myself to take it off. I think I'm going to marry it...

Super-talented LDNer Karen Jane first grabbed my attention a couple of years back with her 'Didn't She Do Well' tees. I have to admit though, it was Mexi who showed me the light - coming across her website via some work that she'd done for Suspect Packages. Not only does KJ earn points for being an exceptional graphic artist, she gets multiple A+ grades for being super nice too.

The lady behind Not Bad For a Girl recently made Addict clothing double the fun by being the first female to collaborate with the brand...and if you didn't see her strawberry New Era - shame on you!

Not content with just slapping stuff onto tshirts (that's right everyone, no lazy designs here), she took last season off to deliver us some even more super quality gear...the latest range has started dropping and it's just fantastic. I'd advise grabbing whatever you can before it's all gone. Plus you'll need to know that the shirts and hoods are not just awesome, but they're great cuts too.

A quick Q and A with KJ:

What have you been doing lately?
Same as ever, workin my little ass off! It takes up most of my waking hours and some of my sleeping ones. There's just too many things that I want to do, and a lot of projects in the pipeline. Plus trying to juggle more than one job, and keep the man happy too. Always stuff to do you know?

Do you have any secret skills?
Erm, not sure. Maybe. I did some baking the other day and that came out good. It's not my thing usually you see. Maybe I am actually destined for a life of domestic bliss and all this work lark is like some kind of bad career move?

Favourite drink? We're talking booze here
Well, there's not actually much that I don't like apart from Southern Comfort which still makes me shudder as I got seriously sick on that when I was younger, bleaugh, that shit aint nice! But seriously I'm not a big drinker but if I am going to do damage it's going to be with gin or rum and it's gonna hurt.

Can't leave home without:
Keys, money, phone. That's the checklist. I don't smoke anymore but when I did it that was on there too. I also have my 'to do' book on me at all times, it makes me feel like I am getting stuff done even if I'm not. Also, recently there have been so many muggings around my way that I carry an old plastic bag inside my nice bag and swop it over when I'm coming home, that way it's less likely that someone's gonna jump me for it.

Signature lose your shit track/s:
Argh! Questions like this are almost impossible if you like music!? I like anything from disco rap, old electro classics, golden era and nineties hip hop, even some classic swing and old school r&b, eighties soul, rare groove even some jazz, so see my dilema with this question?

Shout outs to:
All the good ones.

Any last words:
Vote NBFG!

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