Friday, 3 October 2008

Thanking my lucky stars

In a world where you get invited to everything via email, txt or Facebook, ain't it nice to get something in your letter box?

Isn't it exciting when it comes in the mail like this? :

...and you open it and can't believe your eyes

...and it gets even better because inside are shoes that you've wanted for ages!!



Josephine said...

hey i've got them! mine ain't got yellow laces and piping though.

i love em...they're def in my top three favs


Community College said...

Oh my god! i don't wanna sound ungrateful but FUCK yours are sooo much better than mine. I need to photograph mine, they're puma but look just like cons (i hate chucks) and they're prink and black, look like what an emo 14 year old would wear.. i guess i'll still wear them. shouldn't be a little brat. but damn yours are hot! >:( haha

Hayley said...

CC - funny you should say that, I've half finished a post on cons. What a bummer! Maybe you should dress in full emo for the night?

Josephine - samesies! Aren't they lovely? Think they would look good with black or grey laces too.