Saturday, 4 October 2008

Fuck sneakers and makeup, all i want is this shit!

I've been seeing Sylvanian Families advertised on tv lately and fuck man they're awesome. I ALWAYS wanted them as a kid but my pleb family didn't buy them for me. They're probably the greatest shit ever. Like how FUCKING cute are they. For the uninitiated (read: boys) Sylvanian Families are little toys that are alllll different animals, in cute little outfits, in cute little families, that live in cute little houses. They're so...cute! I don't know whether it's coz i'm kinda bummed today that I just want little cute things from my youth but I REALLY want this fucking house right now...

HOLY SHIT! Did this tree house totally blow your fucking mind or what? Coz i know it just blew my fucking head off. I wish it was socially acceptable for me to buy this and have it in my room. If cunts are allowed to collect gay little vinyl toys (i actually like vinyl toys i'm just in a bad mood) surely it's cool if I collect this shit....right?

I went on there website (i won't link it coz seriously who the fuck is really gonna go to it except me haha) and there's so much cool shit on it. And they introduce all the families and their jobs and shit. Old mate above clearly works in a cake store.

There's even a token Asian family...

But no single parent families which is disappointing. Move with the times Sylvania! The pandas appear to be the only ethnics, life must be tough for them. They're parents are probably overbearing and want their kids to over achievers. And the little pandas don't get to play with other animals coz they have to take hardcore piano lessons and study all night. Haha I can say this shit coz I'm part asian ok so don't get your back up.


Hayley said...

Hahaha! I wanted Sylvanian family stuff soooo bad too. Funny how I never got it either. No, not funny, I was outraged. $2 a week doesn't get you much.

Josephine said...

you should have just posted the link cos i bet most of the people that read it ended up going on the site! when you said that they introduced their jobs, i was like GOOGLE THAT SHIT BABY! and i'm so glad i did, so very glad.

listen, i think that maybe the bramble family are black? they are fucking great:

Father Mortimer Bramble is the Sylvanian tailor. He makes all the clothes for everyone in Sylvania. He loves sewing while gently rocking in his rocking chair.

Mother Eleanor Bramble designs and makes all the special Sylvanian costumes like wedding outfits and Sunday best clothes.

Brother Maxwell Bramble is learning how to be a tailor like his dad. He's particularly good at measuring up material, but he can't play with the needles and scissors yet as these can be dangerous.

Sister Abigail Bramble likes designing clothes. She's especially good at designing dresses and frocks for herself which, if she is good, Mortimer & Eleanor make for her.

Baby brother Bilberry Bramble loves to gather up all the scraps of material that are left over, build a pile and curl up and hide in the middle of it.

Baby sister Peaches Bramble is a very, very naughtly little girl! She's always taking her father's tailors chalk and drawing patterns on the walls and furniture.

i bet peaches grows up to be a proper ho! i love her!