Wednesday, 10 December 2008


My Jury is still out on Christmas, I am not one of those Scrooge people with Armpit Hair that carry on about it being a Consumer Driven Affair and rant on in between classes of their (useless) Arts Degree from Melbourne about the Socio Economic and Political implications of the World's favourite holiday.

Nor do I believe it has much to do with Religion or Baby Jesus or Donkeys or Stables or Hay. However you will not be surprised to hear that I always bought the bit about the Three Wise Men, mainly because they were carrying Gold but also because I had decided that anyone with 'Wise' in their Name was OK with me as Sophie means Wisdom in Greek.

The one thing I will give Christmas is that it is an opportunity to do something really special for the people you love. Surprise them, make them Crafty gifts (Rikki!), spend time with Family, spend time with Friends and get a little more Nostalgic about the world than we tend to on a day to day basis. The downside of this is that if your Christmas Sucks then it tends to do so in a flamboyant day of despair, where the heightened feelings of Joy can be replaced by dramatic feelings of Sadness.

Either way you get to eat, which is where my true passion for Christmas comes in. Most of my Christmas Traditions revolve around food. Christmas Eve is Duck, Carols by Candelight and a Bottle of Baileys over Ice. Christmas Morning I make Chicken Liver and Bacon Pate and share it with Lace's family over a bottle of Moet. Lunch begins with Seafood and moves onto a Turkey Rotonde stuffed with Italian Sausage and Chestnuts. Russian Pashka and Christmas Pudding made by my Aunts for Dessert.

Regardless of where you sit on the Christmas fence you generally tend to get at least one present and in my case you get to write stupid lists of unattainable shit and put it on the internet. So here is my 2008 Christmas List, Santa be good to me.


I just need a little Digital at this stage or for someone to fix my beautiful Nikon F-601 SLR. Most of the crew have Canon Ixus 70's and they seem to do a good job, maybe one of them as they are getting nice and cheap.

2. ELLE MacPHERSON INTIMATES or LA PERLA (But who can afford that?)

Matching of Course, the lacier the better.


Perfume is a tough one to buy for though, unless you know what they like. I am thinking some Chanel of some sort this year but I really do need to do the David Jones Sniff-Coffee Beans-Sniff-Coffee Beans and then Spray myself in my choice to see if I can handle it all day. The main thing is never to buy a scent that any of your friends wear, it is akin to fucking your friends ex-boyfriend. You just don't do it.


There is an Amazing Pucci Boat Neck Jersey Dress in Christensen Copenhagen at the moment, it is upward of $600 currently but I am hoping they have a sale. Despite my Internet Shopping Powers I have not been able to find this exact cut online but this is the print we are talking about, sans the Chunk of Black. I may need to take someone in for an Opinion.


I am a sucker for a Biography, I have been trying to track down the Sequel to How To Lose Friends and Influence People by Toby Young; The Sound of No Hands Clapping for quite some time to no avail. I saw a biography of Salvadore Dali written by an Art Dealer that lived next door to him the other day that looked pretty good. Otherwise any of the Dadaist's, Artists or Writers that hung in the Chanel/Ballet Russes circle in the early 1900's would be interesting.

Other than that I would like Nice Champagne, Good Company and beautiful Food. Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

Um... I'll buy you a beer!!
Fuck Santa- You're the gift lady!!

-luv luv Jessie x