Monday, 22 December 2008

Presents and shiz

Looks like the mayorettes have been a bit lax with the posts of late, it is that time of year afterall but I thought I'd post about a few new items in the land of CC. I'm stoked about xmas, so stoked in fact that I just bought myself a heap of presents. Two pairs of sneakers, a new elle mcpherson bra, nail polish, jewelry, etc etc etc. Here are my most exciting new items but ahem....

FIRSTLY..I bit the bullet and bought that massive Hello Kitty Quolomo Kubrik for myself as a self-gift, isn't she beautifullllll.

Writing on her back...

I love you Hello Kitty.....ooh i look tan in this one, nicccce. haha.

On the subject of HK, look what the beautiful Jessie bought me!!!!

i love themmmmm thanks babe!

My sis also gave me an early xmas prez i get the other half back in bris (pretty sure it's one of those harajuku girls perfumes, yay!! I'm such a 14 year old girl), this is the first half but...

awww mixing bowl and measuring spoons in the shape of heartssss. I used to bake cakes ALL the time. Haven't done this in a while but I guess I oughta get back into it now. Don't wanna toot my own horn but um... my banana cake is off the hook. People like request it and shit.

And yes that's it, lots more i can post but I'll save it for another post.

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