Friday, 12 December 2008

Adelaide Apparel

Mayorettes love American Apparel, even though it is generally stupidly overpriced you really can't beat their basics. Their tees, even though made from a low grade Polycotton, seem to last forever, the colours available are mind blowing as are their leggings and the fabrics their leggings are available in. My favourite thing about AA is that they make some really amazing cuts in a multitude of colours and fabrics, so if you find a style that really suits you, you can stock up in different colours.

Case in point the Mélange Sleeveless Funnel Neck Jersey Dress, I have this in a few colours in my Wardrobe and you really can't beat it with some Knee High Boots and Tanned Legs. It's short as hell but it doesn't show off anything else so its all good. If you've got the legs out put the cans away girls!

Another Favourite is the Tri-Blend Racerback Tank, which I also have in nearly all the colours it comes in. Buy them baggy to wear during Summer over Bikini's or Nice Lingerie and some Short Dark Denim Shorts.

Whilst most of the little Vice Retards that work behind the Counter feel they are as important as Nelson Mandela and cooler than the Strokes, if you can whip up the courage to throw some clothes in their face and flash them a Student card they are obliged to give you a 30% Discount. Same with the online store.

But most importantly and the reason for the Post is that Adelaide are the latest Australian City to land an AA Store. You can check it out at 211 Rundle Mall or if you are in Melbourne, Chapel Street. I know there is one in Sydney but I'm not Savy on Sydney so Sydneysiders will have to Google it.


Miglet said...

The website is also good for perving on regular-looking yet very hot chicks.

It's a pastime not a habit.

Community College said...

fuck AA, Supre is the shit man. They have totally ripped off all the AA stuff and it costs 12 bucks, and I dont have to deal with dumb corey kennedy bitches when i'm there....just avril wannabes instead but thats ok for 12 bucks. and i get to listen to AWESOME house music haha