Monday, 15 December 2008

Sunday Funday

Yesterday was a pretty good day, after ANOTHER 5am finish on Friday Night most of Saturday was spent sleeping. An excellent choice considering the torrential rain and falling temperatures.

Saturday night was Jamie's birthday but I had a little trouble backing things up and only lasted till about Midnight. Then found a 24 Hour store that sold Meredith Marinated Goats Cheese and Bagel Crisps and armed with a bottle of Red from the Exford had myself a nice little Midnight Picnic and watched Austin Powers.

So Sunday I actually felt reasonably fresh and headed to the Union for a few (too many) jugs. Waiting for a friend to get off the tram I found this amazing little Bookstore Books for Cooks, which is this beautiful little store on Gertrude that is completely dedicated to Food, Wine and Cooking.

I found some absolutely amazing stuff but settled on a book called Terrine by Stéphane Reynaud, a chef from Ardèche, France, that grew up in a house above the family butcher shop. Cultivating a life long affliction for Meats and particularly Pork, he has written a whole book on Pork and his acclaimed Montreuil restaurant Villa 9 Trois specialises in the Animal.

So whilst this Book covers Terrine recipes across Vegetables, Cheeses, Desserts, Seafood and various Meats, it was the below recipe for Foie Gras, Sauternes and Smoked Duck Breast Terrine that got me to part with my coins. This is going to be cooked in the next week or so when I find some proper Foie Gras. It is essentially a Smoked Duck Fillet wrapped in a Foie Gras Pâté prepared with French Dessert Wine. A bottle of Veuve and we are set.

I'm sure I've probably explained this before and if you are Vegetarian I am really sorry, but traditional Foie Gras is prepared using a method called Gavage by which Ducks or Geese are force fed Corn over a period of a few weeks through a stomach tube, seriously expanding the liver and increasing its size by approximately five times. Its not the most humane thing in the world but if you are into your Pâté it is akin to an early morning VB for an Alcoholic.

Now that I am totally inspired and armed with new French recipes I think we may need to hold a Mayoress Christmas Dinner party, Hayls missed the last one and the Lamb is still offended. We must buy a new one and eat him to make things better.

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