Monday, 1 December 2008


I'm hoping its not the lack of Alcohol but I really can't sleep, despite being exhausted and its really annoying. One might say But you don't have anything to do tomorrow? Why the long face? To which I would explain that not being able to get to sleep when you really wish to be asleep, don't have any company to amuse you, have watched all your DVD's too many times and are trying not to drink wine is pretty damn boring. Not to mention I do have something to do tomorrow which is land a job. This is my current job, luckily it doesn't involve too much travel, set hours and someone telling me what to do but it is still a job.

By default I hit up Facebook, as you do when its 11.38pm and you ain't got shit to do and my Amazing friend Lou put me onto a site where I can check photos from her very first Fashion Parade.

Matt Jelonek is (from what I can gather) an event Photographer for Fashion, Festivals and seemingly, Car Races. He took some amazing flicks of Lou's work which I absolutely love! She has such a Rad sense of style to begin with it is awesome to see her doing her thing and I can't wait to see more. Olive Green Satin, Bubble Hems, Exquisite Draping, worth a little look see. Full story is on Matt's Website under Deco Vu.

Hopefully when Lou is rich and famous she will remember this post and dress me for the Met Gala in NYC.

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