Monday, 15 December 2008

Sneaker Freeeeeeaaaaaker Best of Best!

Ooooh, it's been a busy day with the Mayorettes, posting fever! My turn!

Issue 14 of Sneaker Freaker has hit the stands and inside you'll find the Best of Best feature. Every year SF hand picks a bunch of sneaker people to put in their 2 cents about their fave shoe and this year I got to be one of them - huzzah!

Now a lot of people featured, said things like 'I was honored to be chosen..." But me, I was a bit giggly, giddy and absolutely stoked (yeah, a cooler way to say 'honored'). Thanks a million to SF for the opportunity and to Krakha for taking the pic. And for those people that have been saying, 'Hmmm, you look sick", I was. Plus being placed next to 2 hot ladies on the opposite page would make anyone look sick. Haha!

Check the article here.

You should buy a copy though, so you can show your friends and say you know me. Ahahahaha!

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