Sunday, 7 December 2008

It's Official!

My ebay sale is over for now, and I made $176 yay! Some shit only went for 99c which is kinda shit but it's outta my life at least. But yeah one item did not sell....fuckin huge suprise it was the fugly pair of pumas i got from the Sneaker Freaker launch (the one where hayley got that awesome pair and I somehow got the shittest converse fuglies). Does anyone wanna buy these? seriously. Please.


Hayley said...

Box 'em, wrap 'em and give them to someone for Xmas (Someone you hate).

Community College said...

yeah i would but noone in my family has midget feet like me. damnit! Similarly i also have freakishly small boobs when noone else does. least i'm in propotion to my feet.

custards said...

you make them sound so appealing.