Monday, 29 December 2008

Hola from Vegas!

Hello darlings!
Greetings from Bris Vegas. I'm bloggin from my dad's OG study or should i say "den". Looks like JFKs or some shit, so much army stuff around it's ridics. I want a den damnit. Anyway brissie is going good, spent today hung over by the pool in Paddo with my girl Katie. Got as some serious rays and got to get out the new tanning mats I got from the in-laws for Chrissie also. They know my likes well. I ended up out until 5.30 this morning. This has not happened for quite some time. My sis' bday dinner turned into bday cocktails at brissies "hot" new bar Sky Room. Not too bad really. Drinks are mad expensive but it's always gonna be the case. The mojito was awesome, and they have some drinks in coconuts. The staff were wearing Fred Perry as a uniform which is a blatant bite from Madame Brussels in Melbs but I guess they're hoping noone in Brisbane knows this. We left round 12 and ended up bumping into all of Katies old work mates which led to more drinks and rounds and ciggies at Brisbanes quintessential Valley haunt Rics. It's so funny this place is so popular coz there's nothing to it. Crap tables outside, crap bar selection, sometimes okay music, usually shit staff, but I've spent wayyyy too many nights here back in the day. In first year uni i went there every thursday and Saturday night. Pretty much every dude I ever macked was at this place upstairs drunk off my mind. Infact me and Paul first macked here. And get "walk like an egyptian", ewwwwwwww. Ahhhh memories. We then went back to one of Katies said friends houses which was this gorgeous art deco apartment on the river, for drinks, entourage season five and smoke til his house mate yelled at us, sorry bout that rugga. And we realised the sun was coming up, did the mac drivethru thing, got to bed round 6 and woke up at 11 am in the same bed at 35 degree heat. Rehydration and pool time bitches. I think we both have sun stroke now, but it was worth it. I got some colour.

As you may have noticed, I have no pics as I forgot the chord thing that transfers images, which kinda sucks, I'll just have to do a massive recap post when i get back i guess.

Pictures i do have however...was looking on my dads computer and comparing this years xmas shots to last...and I'm pissed as I have blatantly got way fatter and less hotter than 12 months ago. I blame YOU melbourne! And your constant shit weather that promotes covering of your fat ass body and pasty skin for so long that theres no incentive to look good. Maybe I just was way more tanned last year....but I'm pretty sure I look 5kg fuglier. You be the judge! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Hopefully i'll get so fucked up on New Years I'll lose it all again.

Christmas 2007 (looking aight)

Christmas 2008 (looking shit)

When I get to melbourne I'm going to get into smoking hard core again. Diets and exercise are for suckers, it's all about appetite suppressing. I will also hit the solarium hard once again. My body is my temple clearly.

miss y'all!

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Soph said...

I like that if any of us go past a Size 8-10 we think we are obese. Thanks Paris and Nicole!