Friday, 19 December 2008

Life in pictures

My extended weekend in Sydney has just come to an end... I realise now that it was actually an extended week in Sydney but who cares about technicalities right? Anyhoo it was good fun, lots of drinking, eating, catching up and a bit of shopping thrown in for good measure, but why write about it when a picture tells a thousand words I hear you ask? So here is my week in pictures...

Whats for lunch?
mmmmm it's Don-Don with friends of course... this has to to be one of my favourite cheap eats in Sydney.

T is for Tommy's Birthday (he's the one in the middle.)
Tapas, pogo sticks, rainbow cigarettes... it had it all.

N is for Noodle's Birthday... We went to Oxford fart factory for more DJ Assault.
Interestingly (or not as the case may be) they had these weird girls in bikinis gyrating around, rubbing the Aussie flag all over their privates inside a glass box... I think it was suppose to be a comment on extreme patriotism and be all ironic and shit but it was just really gross and offensive.

(My friend Paulie IS encino man...)

B is for late night BK lounge.

C is for Micca's new Coogi jumper... and of course cake!

And I will leave you with the best tree replacement I've seen in a while... A is for Tommy's Christmas antlers!


Hayley said...

Holy shit! Don-Don's is a chain?? Don-Don box to the maxxxxx!

Nice T Noodle, screaming hand is the goods.

Community College said...

i randomly met a girl in one of your photos on monday nite, the one with noodle and the bday boy. Is her name Biddy and is she an artist?
how crazy! small ass world huh!

Rikki said...

hahahahaha, she must have a dople ganger because her name is Tiffany and she is the editor of TV Week.