Thursday, 11 December 2008

I want a studio apartment NOW

I don't know if I'm getting old or my ovaries are ready to churn out some fertilised eggs and get me all knocked up and nested but lately I've REALLY been hanging to get a nice place where I can kinda...not settle but more decorate really cool and have friends over and chill and hang. I currently live in the swampy ghetto of West Footscray (dont stalk me it's not worth it, ask my past stalkers) and while rent is cheap as shit, it's not somewhere I really wanna hang. I want a big white joint with high ceilings and shit. I'm really ready to start buying nice shit too I reckon. God I am getting old. But if cmon everyone likes looking at peoples nice places. Which is where this site comes in "the selby" got the link off my friend fee's blog.
Anyway, basically they just check out the awesome ass pads of people around the world and it's fuckin dope. I am so inspired! Now I just need to rid myself of debt and find bond and my dream place and have a major salary increase. Seriously major. Not sure if this site is yesterdays news or whatever, but I love it and it's new to me! Here are a sample of some of my fav images/places:

How cute is this bitch and her house, in my opinion all of the LA houses are the best. LA vibe is way more up my alley than NY vibe. Plus you can't really have a pool in NY, and pools are like the best shit since....I don't even know what. Theyre just the best.

I thought soph and rik would like this one! FYI Sportsgirl had a total awesome ripoff of those red balenciagas on the end there. Like perfect fake. Didn't have my size tho the cunts. I stole a bracelet from them that day in retaliation. haha.


I hate raybans but this bitch is wearin them well yo, why don't i look like this in my white jeans.
There's way more awesome ones but I won't clog up the blog with them, just check it for yourself. Or if you have a hot house, send us a pic and I will post it up and make fun of it. Just kidding, seriously if you have a cool place i wanna see it. And then kill you in your sleep and assume your identity, it will be a bonus if you have a decent wireless set up.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I totally want a cool place too, man that site is addictive!
but awesome