Monday, 1 December 2008

Don't bother me tomorrow nite...

Coz I'm watching the Britney spesh!!! What's it called again, Uncovered or something. I dunno but I'm pumped. How cute is the pic of Brit above, she looks awesome. That was for that like...Do Something video. I liked that song. I like her necklace too! :)

I know this show will be a load of PR bullshit (i wanna hear about those weird arab dudes she was fuckin and the drugs and how big kfed's dick is) but I just wanna see her dancing again and here that southern drawl. I love Brit. No, I really do. Not even ironically. Though Womanizer kinda sucks. Her greatest hits is the shit. Slave for You would be like in my top 5 pop song (no. 1 is Fantasy obvi). Unfortunately noone is gonna give a shit about this spesh as much as probably my skanks in Brisbane. My dream britney nite would involve nachos and pineapple juice and rumbas. Rumba for the uninitiated is the generic version of Malibu and it's a steal at like 12 bucks a bottle. I lived on that in second year uni, that and weed....and garlic bread. I was so malnourished back then I lost four kilos and didn't get my period for like 200 days, haha. Ahhh uni.

"Hello it's brit here, bring the garlic bread and gange wontcha"

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