Monday, 22 December 2008

Warm vodka and Molly

Bit late on this one given the party was on Thursday, but Thursday night I went to the Illusive Xmas party. Given the Acclaim Xmas party was the next night, I really tried to keep my shit together and not drink too much but when there's free drinks, you can be real hard. I felt like that chick off Californication. Has anyone been watching that show lately? I swear it's improved. I was never quite sold on it before but it is pretty fucking funny. Anyway the wife of the bald guy just got outta rehab and they take her to this massive record industry party where theres booze and coke everywhere. So funny seeing her trying to deal, haha. TV on Sundays is fuckin rad now, hella late but rad. Last night was 40 Year old Virign, seen it like 10 times but still funny, then it was Californication, then it was the american Office, then it was COPS! Fuck yeahhhhhh! I was having way too much fun alone last nite.
Anyway where was I....oh the party, here we go...

Bumped into the beautiful gwenny.

Tommy was there too... The party was at some weird bar in Toorak, it was really dark.

crowded with lots of people over 35. Mushroom is full of old people.

Paul and his turkish mail order bride.

Can't remember how many drinks i had but it would of been too many.

Me and Molly...sorta. haha. That douche Mike Goldbloom (or Goldman or Goldburn???) was there too, you know that guy who did big brother up-late and shit, has a receeding hair line and bad blond hair and is a human tampon. Yeah him! I really hope that fool is out of a job permanently now that shit stain of a show is gone. He's just as douchey in real life hey. I was ashamed to be at the same party hey.

Tram ride home, boooo. lesson one, you know your skirt is too short when you can see the gusset of your tights, classsssy.

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