Friday, 12 December 2008

Mag Nation - Level Three (Melbourne)

"All the girls that work at Mag Nation are gorgeous. All the boys have big schlongs" Hey, it's what the website says.

Until last night I wasn't aware that Mag Nation was a little company, not an evil Starbucks-esque porno pushing, New Idea supplying mega store. Sure, I've been in there lots of times, seen and bought awesome mags, had tasty coffee and loitered for long amounts of time, I just wasn't aware, so support it people!

Sanch, Sophie D, Mex and I rocked up to the launch of their Level Three store last night, and not only did the store look awesome, it was a superworld of the best designy type books (They have ALL four copies of Los Logos by the way - you can never find all four in the same shop), stationery, tees and blank sketch paper goodness.

They also let us drink nice beers, orange juice, wine and served us super quality food treats. Thanks MN. I think we love you.

Walls by Jeremyville

Tasteful tee's on the wall

Look! This one's for Josephine

Also owned by nice guys. WINNER!

Mag Nation, only in NZ and Melbourne, Australia...for now

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Community College said...

cool store but less monster children, more acclaim please. MC needs to haul it's arse back to sydney, be gone. BAM! i'm chanelling the eazy off bam ad. oh yeah and frankie is way too prevalent there, everyone knows my thoughts on the neo housewives in the making, craft making, neu folk lisnin debacle of a publication. but it's oh so popular, waaaaaaaaah. so much advertising in it too. double waaaaaaaaaah. I hate the aus market sometimes. maybe we should put feist on the cover or some shit.