Thursday, 11 December 2008

Sneaker Freaker Issue 14 Launch

We headed over to Provider for the SF14 launch. I love you Freakers and Freakettes, you made my day.

After a fortnight of staying up late working, it was time for a bit of a night off. I accidentally got a bit drunk. I can still hear the echoes of MAFIA saying, "Aren't you drinking? Are you being good?" Take heed people, if you ask me to mind your drink and you can't find it when you come back, it's likely that I've finished it off for you.

Laneway car stand-off. BMW loses.

Hans with a sensible drink suggestion:

Simon's "Not as pretty as Hans' " getaway mobile

Ms Mayorette and the boys with a more sinister drink suggestion:

Aw! CC and PS-S also with drink suggestion

Kanye may be on the TV, buts I gets in the Magazine! Pneumonia face immortalised forever.

We love Spooney

Joey Bananas and F-Rock

Winners! Hooray for good company, beers, winning shoes and fun, fun times.

The Vandals

The end


miss c said...

Looks like you guys had fun - shame I missed it!
And yay to winning shoes!

Hayley said...

Bummer lady, thought you might be there.

I've been so bad at keeping in me! Speak soon x

HANS-DC said...

Thats Simon's getaway machine... mine is much much prettier...!

Hayley said...

Oops! I've fixed it now.


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