Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Saturday Night, doo dooo doooo dddoooo

The title was sposed to be in the tune of that seventies song. Speakin of 70s songs, how good is that song LADIES NIGHT!! Fuck man i am playin that shit LOUD if I ever have a hens night and we can all dance to it and jump on the bed with mirrored ceilings and do coke in my macdaddy penthouse, coz you know i'll be totally rich. I have a friend called katie and we used to live together and we used to sing "oh yes it's KATIES NIGHT!! and we're feeling right" before we went out and shit, we were hilarious. Ahhhh I miss living with girls. Now before we go i'm not allowed to play music paul just makes me listen to hard shit like M.O.P when all i wanna listen to is Womanizer. (Cmon TELLLL me you don't love that song) ANYYYYWAAAAYYY this post had a point...
Yes! Saturday NIte!!!

I really should be keeping a low profile but really keen to check out Miss Anna Lunoe's (above) set at Eurotrash. 5 dolla entry, free before 10 and 2 dolla pots and 4 dolla sparkling all nite! If that doesn't sound like some fun ass shit, I don't know what is!
For the uninitiated Anna is this AWESOME dj from Sydney (I know, as if), she brings the party. She's a part of the Hoops trio also who I love. Check my profile on them in the newest Acclaim (i told you i love them haha). Anyways their made, and Anna is maddest. If you don't believe me you can download this mix she did here.
According to her myspace she's playin again on the 31st of Jan, so maybe we should hit that up instead, given i feel a cold coming on..i think. But at any rate, I will see her and see her soon!

I'm going to get drunk and give her the latest issue and convince her to let me be the 4th member of Hoops. I can't dj but fuck man, get me on a kazoo and I got KRAZY SKILLZ. "We like to funk" by Parliament, anyone?

But seriously, anyone wanna go let me know and we might make this happen. 2 dolla drinks is talkin my language yo.


Hayley said...

YES. I will go!

Community College said...

fuck yeah! don't get pink eye or any other sickness related thing tho, i figure if i get sick fuck it, it's the day after my xmas party and i have 2 weeks off pretty much! recovery time!

I Miss Cigarettes... said...

shes fucken hot...
i have hot crush for her...whoooo!
wish she was gay and so was i!!!

hi girls!!!
oh how ive missed stalking ur blog!!


Hayley said...

IMC! How is Melbs treating you (not including the shit weather!)

CC are we talking Sat or Jan 31?

I Miss Cigarettes... said...

I have yet to see the melb i long to see!!! I got here and stayed in a hotel for 4 nights which was too long cos i got to used to a hotel room and a bar fridge... then i had to go to backpackers... Which was the shittest backpackers in melb but we learnt to love it... we found house! Moved in today, its the cutest house ever so happpyyyy!! was a bitch to get it but we got it, its in brunswick, woo woo... Other than that, i cant report much. lots of indians here! ahaha and asians ahaha... i look forward to venturing out... just gotta conserve money, get to working and settling in once thats done i will make my debut and be bear hugging you ladies..... boys will be jealous