Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Joyeux Noël

WOW! What a week. Today is my first day off after working 8 Days Straight and I am totally zonked out. What a way to ease back into Employment, working 9-10 Hour days on my feet all day doing Retail at Christmas. But serious, I am actually really enjoying it and I am glad that the spending a $100 a day on Booze adventure I went on has come to a close.

Despite the Work thing I have been getting out and about, alas still no Camera so there ain't much photographic evidence but Security Cams at Pellegrini's, Blue Bar, Caboose, Kake Di Hati and Thai to Go can vouch for me. Surprisingly enough I haven't hit Section 8 all week! Sadness is upon me.

But when I have escaped the controlled climate and temptation of the Boutique I work in I have added these to my Christmas wish list, most likely to be bought in the Apres Christmas Sales as a present to myself for working 8 Days in a row.

Ralph Lauren Sunglasses

Chloe by Chloe EDP, Chloe Sevigny not Included.

Marc Jacobs Platform Pumps (On Sale at Miss Louise!) Not in this Colour but this Shoe.

And as usual there are a hundred million more things that I want, can't afford and don't have time to buy. I am working Boxing Day and the whole Weekend so hitting the sales is going to have to wait. Monday is my next day off, by which I should have a Camera so stay tuned Boppers! Stay Tuned!

And get really drunk tomorrow and abuse a relative, you know you want to.

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