Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Angry Monkey

FUCK 2008. You heard it here first. The immediate reasons for my hatred of 2008 are as follows:

Without going into too much detail I forgot to cancel all the automated Debits from my Account that I had when I was in Full Time employment and as a result a sizeable chunk of my money got taken a few weeks ago. To make matters worse Blue Bar lost my Amex the night before Christmas Eve so I had to cancel it and wait for a replacement at the worst time of the year possible to wait on a replacement, which I still don't have. On top of that I started working on the day everyone at Work got paid, meaning I have had to wait a full two weeks of working almost every day without pay, thankfully tomorrow the coin should come through. But at this stage I am without the funds to get Haircut, buy Supplies and get more Antibiotics on my Day Off.

Randomly on Christmas Eve I woke up at 3am and my throat was the size of a Football, since I have got nothing but worse and have found that I am carrying a lovely Sinus Infection around town that Antibiotics aren't really killing that quickly. To make matters worse I am home alone with nobody to be my sickness slave and make me soup. I have to reheat my own Soup! And get my own DVD's! And take myself to the Doctor on the Train! Travesty I know. I think tonight I might get Indian and try to kill it with a Vindaloo. But upon reflection Vindaloo costs precious money that I probably won't have by 7pm.

Hayls is also suffering a form of Aids, Alex is frying like Bacon in Brisbane, Jess is working 12 Hour Days, Lace is in Adelaide and honorary Mayor Spuddoe Sanchez is on a little Road Trip. All that said I probably shouldn't inflict my Aids on anyone else but I miss my girls (and boy)!

So basically I am hanging for tomorrow night, to ring in the New Year with the people I love the most, in one of my favourite places in Melbourne and look forward to a whole New Year of adventures and travels and whatever else is out there. Happy New Year!

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Community College said...

aw honey that all sounds shit house, you totally got aids from hayley! she is biological warfare personified. I miss you ladies too, and coopers. can you believe i've been drinking xxxx gold while i've been here, i am so queensland right now. i wanna bake in dad's yard but he'll kill me if he sees the ol' tat so i've got to keep it on the DL.
happy new years baby girls and catch ya real soon. should i buy atmosphere tiks now?? i don't wanna miss out. can i buy them online???