Monday, 8 December 2008

Alcohol Free Week

Technically turned into an Alcohol Free Weekend as it only lasted Two Days. Blew off the Gym in favour of a Movie and Popcorn. Then went on some adventures:

Wednesday hit the Market, made Coq Au Vin. Drank way too much really great Wine and ended up quite boozy. So boozy that I could not execute Mash Potato and cooking Asparagus but the Chicken was pre-prepared, therefore Unemployed Sophie-Proof.

Thursday hit Black Cat, drank with Old Section 8er's. Ended up reasonably Section 8 Drunk, running around the city drinking in the rain. Ended up hitting Black Cat, Section, Jeromes, Sister Bella and Pony in one night, not bad at all for an Alcohol Free week!

Friday I spent at the Botanical Gardens, then ended up at Caboose for 'after work(!) drinks' with Lace. Then headed to a BBQ, circa 10ish we started running Low on Beers, so I was dispatched to Nicholson Street to get more.

Went to one place, bottle shop just closed, had a pint.
Moved onto the next Pub, bottle shop just closed, had several pints.
Walked about fucking ten kilometres, bottle shop closed.
Realised it was 2am, realised people at home had been ringing us constantly and they were at home with no beer and ended up jumping a cab to Lygon Street, getting lost trying to find a 24 Hour Bottle shop. Rang home and with the assistance of Google found it, bought beers then returned home to drink fuck all of them and sleep on the couch.


Then on Saturday I went shopping somewhat still drunk and with the assistance of Sean splurged out on my new favourite shoes.

Then sat in the Sun all day and ate little Tomatoes wrapped in Proscuitto, rubbed in Pesto and filled with Eggs and drank a really delicious bottle of Brown Brothers Tarrango. Followed up with a bottle of Bubbles with Lace and a night on the tiles. Again. The blondie for your information is Lace. Team Lace!

We ended up covering some real Melbourne ground, Three Below, Section 8, Red Hummingbird, Stalectites, Barred from the Carlton Club for not having ID and then Lounge Downstairs for some bad party music. 5am Finishes are killing me softly with their song.

My camera is el fucked-o at the moment, hopefully Santa brings me a new one so I can have a more consistent account of my weekends instead of losing all my batteries and shaking it to make it work. But despite the disjointed photographs I am sure I have explained myself in enough detail for you to get the picture. I am working every weekend now pretty much until February so this may be the last weekend I get to get mega loose.

Stay tuned Boppers. Stay Tuned.


Hayley said...

Sean! (S8 Sean!) So that's where he's been hiding. Sneaky bugger...

Community College said...

where is you new job, tellll meeeeeee