Friday, 5 December 2008

Holy Shit!

So Nas is in town with Kayne, everyone has been asking why I bothered considering stalking Mark Ronson and haven't lifted a finger to find Nas. The fact that he is married to this may have something to do with it;

But it turns out I just had to camp out at the Heist! I was probably sitting at Section 8 when this was taken, not the most effective Stalker in the world hey. No drama, I probably would just get Starstruck like the time I met Method Man and literally could not talk. I was like some crazed School Girl mute with a Pen and my Passport in hand. He laughed and Signed It. Method Man is my God.

I am pretty bummed I am not going tonight but I am not parting ways with $120 to see Kayne from 10km away. Free Tickets Welcome! And Nas has stood me up TWICE now! TWICE. We went to Rock the Bells in San Francisco and he did a no show, which was OK because Wu-Tang and Rage Against the Machine Showed up (SNAP!) Then I had tickets to his supposed show a year or so ago which he canceled or some tour promoter fucked up or whatever. I had ROW D tickets to that, I was mighty pissed off.

Now he is out here SUPPORTING Kayne? Fuck that shit man. That is completely ridiculous. RIDICULOUS. But for the lucky people going (AHEM SANCHEZ THE CALZONE SMASHER) please put your lighters up when he plays:

It Ain't Hard to Tell

Can you fucking imagine what its going to be like when he drops Made You Look? If I think about it I might cry.

I think I may also still be a little spirited from last nights adventures, HENCE THE OVERUSE OF CAPITAL LETTERS.


Hayley said...

Yeah and Sanchez, I bet you can wait to see Scribe ahhahahahaa!

I had a debate yesterday, about who was gonna be better at the gig, uhhhhh Nas you idiots!

Nas dosen't need laser lights to help him...

Sanchez said...

That wasn't a debate you had yesterday, there was no chairperson and the arguement was one sided.

I actually hope they play Scribe last because
a) I can leave early an hit Miglet's bday.

b) I'll be sooooo drunk I won't remember the end.

Point to the lasers! Point to the lasers!