Friday, 5 December 2008

New Love

Restraint. My new middle name.

Says the girl that got home at 3am after ending up at Pony??!(*(!*? on a Thursday evening.

But seriously I went to David Jones yesterday, which happens a lot when you wander round the city looking for work and as usual ended up in the Designer Area with a rack full of clothes and a very helpful sales assistant. Missoni on Sale is still so inexplicably expensive.

Sergio Rossi is my new Homeboy. It all started with these, they are Half Price ($325) at David Jones at the moment and I HAVEN'T bought them, even though they have a 39 AND a 40 to choose from, hence the term Restraint.

Then I realised the reason they were on sale is because the Northern Hemisphere Fall 08 stock has arrived. So hot. The shades of Purple this guy is using are amazing.

And I Love these, in a Cruise Collection for CC Way.

So just what the world needs, an unemployed Sophie looking for Designer Shoes! But seriously I want those fucking Red numbers. Yum diddly yum dumb.

1 comment:

Community College said...

buy those red ones, i've loved them for ages and can live through you, they look like a krink collabo haha