Monday, 8 December 2008

Happy Mondays

Not only hit band from Manchester, peep 24 Hour Party People if you ain't savy, but the story of my Monday. Happy and Successful! Reasons Why:

Started the day getting a job in Luxury Goods, surrounded by Amazing Shoes.

Sushi lunch with Hayley in the Sun.

Got my Uni Results and got 2 High Distinctions for my last two Subjects, meaning I graduate in Style.

Spent the better half of the afternoon with Friends and Coopers Pale Ale at Section 8.

Shopped for new Work Clothes.

About to hit Lucky for a dope ass $4 Dinner.

Life is pretty fucking good right now. Will post weekend adventures in due course x

1 comment:

Community College said...

ooh congrats! where'd you get the job???