Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Years Revolutions

I'm not much of a Resolute person, I find things difficult to stick too, mainly because I am a bit of an extremist in the sense that the scales are always tipped completely in one direction, I am rarely balanced, so when I set these unrealistic unattainable goals it's not long before they are broken, usually broken so I can tip the scales the other way and do the polar opposite.

I am a Gemini and whilst I am not terribly superstitious or into Horoscopes I do believe that the whole Twins concept of a Gemini suits my personality to a tee. I find Middle Ground incredibly difficult, I am either on a Courtney Love Style Bender or hitting the Gym and eating nothing but Lentil Soup. I am either Completely (to a fault) in Control or completely Out of It. When I'm not being superly overly organised I am a complete mess. I'm either drinking French Champagne in a beautiful restaurant or Drinking Longnecks in the Gutter. The middle ground of Sportsgirl wearing, Taco Bill eating, $30 Bottle of Wine people has never appealed to me much at all. If you're going to be Budget be as fucking Cheap as you can be and if you're going to be Plush go all out. There is nothing worse in life than being boring.

So making New Years Resolutions + My Personality is setting myself up to fail but I have never really had a crack before so maybe I can pull these off? So in 2009 I am:


After 'Quitting' in May 2007 I am still not quite over Cigarettes, they really must have been the love of my life, certainly the longest relationship I have ever been in and the most money I have ever spent on anything. I love the look of Smoking Cigarettes and will always miss them when I see an Ashtray in a nice Hotel Room but I am better off without them and need to give them the flick for good.


Hayley and I have had AIDS all year long, poor Hayley probably got the worst of it but I had a fair whack of Tonsilitis too, which I hadn't had since I stopped smoking, which Mysteriously returned with the packets of Styvesant Lights. I'm pretty sure if I keep the Smokes and excessive Benders out of my life I will not get sick, so I guess this is also a Resolution to treat my body a little more like a temple than a 24 Hour Pub.


I am a definite eater, I love Food an unhealthy amount. But I am also a wearer and caring about what Clothes drape over your body inevitably leads to concerns over what goes into it and how that measures up to a Size 8. When I was working I wouldn't say I had a strict diet but I was pretty fucking anal about what I would and wouldn't eat, Muesli for Breakfast, Soup for Lunch, Vegies and Protein for Dinner, Minimal Booze. I don't think I ate Salami for a good twelve months which is Bullshit because I fucking Love Salami, plus when you're hungry all the time you get Cranky and depriving yourself of things you love makes you Miserable. Since I got fired I have been on such a fun Food adventure where I have indulged myself in whatever I want and whilst I have put on a little extra because of it I am so much happier not thinking about Calories than I ever could be if I was supper skinny. Getting super Skinny is like a Dog Chasing it's tail, its an unattainable goal to look like a Supermodel and not enjoying your life whilst you've got it is just plain stupid. This year is all about Food and Curves, think Nigella Lawson with better Shoes.


Once you've had Bally you'll never go back. Predictable Yes but also very sensible, crap Trend Shoes fall apart, hurt your feet, last a month and have no resale Value. I would rather have One Pair of something amazing than Ten Pairs of shit and Designer Shoes are surprisingly Comfortable, beautifully made and not all that expensive if you buy at the right time ($310 for Bally Suede Boots!). And there will be colour! I want Shoes in all colours of the Rainbow, no more Boring anything next year. Stay tuned.


Without getting too Emo, Life has thrown me a few curveballs this year. Previous to said Curveballs I have realised what an Uptight Highly Strung Negative Control Freak I can be. However the past few months, when some important things in my life have been out of my control, I have really learnt what is important and what is worth letting go. In 2009 I'm not going to sweat the small stuff or waste time caring about things that have nothing to do with me that I can't control. Most importantly I want to focus on the people and the things that matter and particularly the people and things that care about me. With anything in life, you get out what you put in and I ain't wasting any more time putting in any negativity. Negativity is a massive Sad waste of time for Sad unhappy self important People, from now on things that annoy me will just be laughed at and forgotten about. I'll leave the Hate Crusades to others.

(Look kids it's the PLUR Hippy that kills Ostriches for shoes!)

So Cheers to 2009, I hope I can stick to a few of those Resolutions, the Shoes won't be a problem, but I hope 2009 is a Happy Year for all. Bonne Chance!


Miglet said...

Count me in, too! No smoking, bright shoes and salami sounds like a good start!

(I haven't eaten salami in months either!
I also miss 3 Below chorizo and bread)

कामगार-श्रमिक said...

And tell me, to what extent you successful in ur new year resolution. And make one more, must visit india with my help.
Amit, Sahara Tv