Tuesday, 30 December 2008

New Lils

At first I was apprehensive of listening to Lily Allen, all I knew about her was that she got her start on MySpace and she hated Amy Winehouse, then Jamie made me listen to the LP and I loved it and played it on repeat for several months.

Then she didn't make any music for a while and she was constantly in the tabloids being drunk and mouthing off about other people, slagging Amy Winehouse and Victoria Beckham and all the easy targets in the UK and not really doing too much else. It was funny for a while but without any music coming out I started to get a bit over her lip, she was bordering on Tara Reid famous for being Trashy and Lippy as opposed to famous for being a Musician, which I thought was shit because she made good music.

But its a Catch 22, if I was in her position (we are the same age) I would probably be doing a lot worse, getting a lot more drunk, doing loads of industry supplied free coke and acting a complete and utter fool. Again the problem with being Famous is that people like me Comment on your life (unjustifiably?) and your behaviour ends up on YouTube. Shouldn't she be allowed to mouth off and be 23 seeing she is a 23 Year Old being supplied every glass of Champagne her heart desires? Its not like she's Amy or Brits just yet and as yet it doesn't look like its going that way.

Anyway her Oh My God Cover on Ronson's Album was brilliant, as was the Clip and her new Single is pretty damn good too. As is her new Blonde hairdo, she looks Gorgeous, maybe this can be my next style?

Scouring Lil's Blog I discovered that she got into a little trouble for covering Womanizer, which Mark Ronson then played on his EVR show, which then got ripped and posted on the net. I haven't gone looking for it but if anyone can be bothered downloading it please email to info@mayorettes.com. Otherwise check out the New Clip below and I think she also has a new website somewhere, I'll be hanging for February when the full LP Drops.


Hayley said...

Not really into the new single, but will def give the album a listen. She looks hot blonde.

We've all behaved worse that Lil, luckily for us no one cares haha! x

miss c said...

She's not blonde anymore though. She went pink, then back to black & short (ish) - she got it cut at the Nylon photoshoot..

Anyway, like the new track, love the clip.. email on it's way shortly.

Community College said...

i believe the song is on the famous websiite, as in the cheap shit mag i only buy coz it's $3.50. she looks cute blond, hate to say it. you could probs do blond with those big blue eyes of yours. there can only be so many blond mayorettes though before things get out of hand and the balance is out. i think we need an asian mayorette. pity they're all boring. haha TOTALLY kidding, my dad's half japanese so i can say that. hey, me and hayles combined and we're just one quarter off one anyway.