Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Volley Love

When I'm super successful, running LVMH in Paris, you can show me these to bring me back down to earth. Behold my first foray into Volley International Design.

Kids in Pastels

Adults in Primary's

Hopefully coming to a store near you, I just have to sell them to someone.


I Miss Cigarettes... said...

Everyone hates on me for loving Volleys...
I just think they have no taste! Ha!
Loving the plurp/black...

Hayley said...

Congrats lady - woooo!! xx

Community College said...

these are great! I think the kids will snap these up for sure. gen pants and shit would buy em right? Working in hospitality for 6 years i know black volley were like the unofficial uniform for students cum baristas, i think this will definitely be a hit with them.
p.s the kids ones are uber cute.