Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Isn't it supposed to be Spring, which is like almost Summer?

So 3 days in the office last week (lately I've been working from home) is all it took for me to contract an asshole of a cold. I thought I had escaped this shit all Winter but nooooo, sitting in between dirty dudes in an overpacked office eventually fucked me over. Woke up with a throat like someone shoved a machete down it and feeling like a truck ran over my head. Luckily for me I haven't had too much on this week (unlike last week) so I've been able to work on my couch with a blanket...and watch a lot of shit day time tv. Like Ellen, we get that now. Speaking of shit tv HOW SHIT WAS 90210 LAST NITE?!!!!! I thought it would be but part of me really hoped it would be the new OC, but it's so shittily written and crap. And the black adopted kid? PUH-LEASE! So forced. Doesn't live up to the original at all hey. But anyway there was a reason for my post.
Yes, Summer. Summer? Does anyone even remember what that shit was anymore? Is Summer still around? Does it still happen? coz like IT SEEMS PRETTY FUCKIN FAR FROM SUMMER RIGHT NOW AIGHT? Okay I know it's only Spring, but shouldnt that mean blossoms and baby deer and SUNSHINE. This current weather is soooo shit and I have this cold, fuck melbourne some times man.
I'm going to the beach fairly soon though (next month) to my bf's old's place near Byron and I am muchos excited about. Sunshine, good food, the outdoors, ahhhh i can feel it now! I'm totally buying new togs for it as I've owned the same Mambo pair for like 2 years and this weirdo crochet one i bought off ebay that is so tiny that wives give me dirty looks on the beach with their husbands, so it's time. Thing is, I have no tits. This never really poses a problem until swimwear buying time. Where it becomes blatantly obvious and there's no smoke and padded mirrors to hide behind. That said support isn't an issue for me so I can wear retardly small shit. Here are a few pics of the season's best:

Zimmerman always makes dope bikinis. Theyre hella expensive but the prints and stuff are always really cute and the styling on their shoots is always amazing. This season not so much, but when they did that one last year at the public pool in NYC, I wanted to buy every goddamn outfit.

I could never do bandeau stylez but i do love how they look. This one by House of Jackie Brown is awesome. We used it in our Estevan Oriol shoot in the next issue of the mag (out v. soon) I'd say our girl looks even hotter in it. But hey I'm biased.

Lastly, Insight always make awesome swimwear and heaps of it. Theyre kinda haters though so I'm a little reserved reppin them, hardly ever reply my emails about shit with the mag and didn't even reply to my personal email asking who stocks their swimwear, but you can't fight the facts, theyre swimwear is rad, actually I like alot of their girls gear. I just think theyre a little behind the curve still positioning themselves on the surf tip when they would be so much better as a credible streetwear label. But hey, it's Australia afterall, and every fuckin brand here seems to feel they need to market to the "bronzed aussie" Jack Johnson listening surfer type who drives to Byron in his mums SUV whenever he can get the chance to hit the waves *recth*. Enough bitchin for one day. bring on summer motherfucker!


Hayley said...

I was just gonna say, "Insight make great swimwear for the boob challenged..." I know where you can get it too.

It's funny that they're real surfy here, o/s they're def more street. I'm torn, a lover and a hater.

Soph said...

I have 5+ Zimmermann Bikinis, they are my favourite. CC now that you live in Melbourne I can take you to places to get them for $70 or sometimes less. Just got to know when and where to go. They are my favourite Australian Bikini's and Dress Makers by far. My wardrobe is covered in Zimmermann stuff - all got for way below what it should have! We shall have a Zimmermann date

Community College said...

woohoo totally hook me up on this zimmermann heist! we got to go before october 15 tho as thats when i go to the beach. I totally have my eye on this zimmermann dress also which is currently 450, so if we can work out a way to find that cheap i'm in heaven.