Tuesday, 30 September 2008

RIP September

The Footy is very much over and after another 'last week in September' I am over hyped, over it and ready for the Cricket. Bring on the 20/20's.

So I thought to put the footy to rest for the season (unless Benny Cousins escapes Rehab or Wayneo Carey smashes his GF) I'd leave you with these.

Peter Hellier/Strauchnie was supposed to wear them on Before the Game, before the game but I don't think he did. Which sucks enomously because Andy Murphy, the artist that did them, stayed up all night working on them so they would be ready.

Hopefully I am actually allowed to post them. Oops. Bye Bye Employment.

But on a side note Andy Murphy has recently completed an Artist Series run of Tees for Stussy, which are set to hit stores in October.

I don't have much other information on him and Google Searches only returns Andy Murphy, the House DJ from OneLove, who funnily enough I made out with when I was a little tacker as we are from the same (overpriveledged) hood, except I live in the shit part.

Sorry for digressing, this artist is dope, more info as it comes to hand.

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