Friday, 19 September 2008

Drunk Tonight, Just Got Paid

I have been spending too much time on Arab Parrot, Missbehave and all these amazing American Blogs that literally have all the fun. It made me realise lately that I have not been ass exposing drunk in quite some time, sure I've been giggly, tipsy, happy, chatty and drinking a bottle of wine everyday. But the good old get fucking wasted, fall over at Favela and email Will from Opulent asking for him to take photos of my Boobs down really hasn't happened in an awfully long time.

Mind you the lack of hangovers have been pretty fucking great.

Whilst I may have scored some points for regaining my dignity, having less fast food related 3am arguments and generally not spending so much money (on booze, not clothes) I am really starting to miss getting Ruckus.

So, whilst I can't do it tonight (Uni at 11am on a Saturday is a motherfucker) I will be doing it on Saturday 27th September. No this isn't some elaborate Favela Rock promotion (though I would promote the Opulents to death because they are amazoid), its a How Sophie Got Her Groove Back Promotion. Dancing shoes on only to be taken off when they hurt, Agwa shots, hopefully no fights and a good old fucking time.

See you there.


Hayley said...

It's ok, I'm sure Mayoress will once again become party's getting waaaaaarmer!

I myself haven't been able to hibernate as much as I've wanted to this winter, but the hazy weekends have still been a fair bit less frequent.

Saving up for the Fav. Agwa. Agwa. Agwa.

Community College said...

hahaha party blog it up yo. yeah i'm keen to get hammered pretty tonite, just kidding...sorta.