Monday, 29 September 2008

Favela Rock - Melbourne

People that have never been to Melbourne could not comprehend what this city is like on Grand final weekend. City streets echo with cries of "Whatcha dooooin for the Granny? Carrrn the Hooooorrrrks", then after the game people spill into the streets and carry on and fight each other. Maybe it's the only time of year you'll see a grown man cry, because his team lost but he also fails to remember that if you lose the Grand Final, you've still come second, you're no where near that wooden spoon.

Anyway, this month Favela Rock fell somewhere between Dizzee Rascal, the AFL Grand Final and Parklife, hence the bunch of strangers at Fav. I have no problems with strangers because Favela is so much fun, everyone should go...just that if you're gurning and gross, keep your hands off the ladies (you'll probably get kicked out).

And so it begins...with sweet, sweet Agwa

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Maybe if you'd asked nicely to be in the photo, this wouldn't have happened

More here.

Thanks again Opulent!


Mr Bananas said...

and keep ya hands off the blokes too!

I got groped my some fat sweaty gurning fool...first time i said 'no more of that mate', second time i had to give him a slap, then 5 minutes later he was kicked out.

Hayley said...

Saw a guy (probably the same one) stroke Mapstone's hair at one stage. Disturbing.