Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Good Vibes, more like....lame vibes

Did a bit of searching round and apparently all the nerdilingers at In the Mix think they have it sewn up as FATBOY SLIM (um cool if it was 1998), THE ROOTS (Cool but hardly original), STANTON WARRIORS (um? dance shit i'm guessing), PENDULUM (as above), WALE and YELLE (more dance shit). Actually I heard Ladyhawke is playing too which is cool but not $130 cool.

Apparently Fuzzy made up this cryptic press release with sound bites and clues ala Burgo's Catch Phrase, oooh viral! Nah it's actually a pretty cool idea (hey I'm bloggin bout it) I just hate marketing bullshit. Which is problematic with my job haha.

But yeah seriously, they better bring out something better than this or the ITM geeks better be wrong coz this be LAMMMMEEEEE.


miss c said...

I've actually heard Sam Sparro headlining for Good Vibes - but who even knows if there's any truth in rumours!
Pendulum have actually been confirmed for BDO. I guess it's confusing when they're all so close together..

Hayley said...

The best thing about festivals, like Soph said, are the sideshows. Hooray to sideshows!