Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Emotional Shopper

This week has largely sucked so far, compacted by the Cold mornings, lack of being able to sleep, stress, Uni and I have a finance exam 9am Saturday morning that I have no idea about.

But the good news is I sold some stuff on the Bay recently, my Chanel Sunnies fetched $350, significantly more than I paid for them, and I sold a bunch of Heels that I have never worn to the Tune of $250.

So put the Money with the Shit week and you get some Pick Me Ups on Sale from Net a Porter. MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela Silk Dress and a Malene Birger Top that I can't find a photo of as I bought the last one and it has disappeared.

Bring on Summer, Warm Weather, Cool Drinks, BBQ's and Sandals. Winter can officially get fucked.


Community College said...

i hear ya girlfriend. winter can suck balls already.

Hayley said...

Please let it be 25 degrees already!