Saturday, 13 September 2008

"That girl CC, from Mayoress"

I was only going to stay out for a little while but Southpaw + Fitzroy + Friday night + Mayorettes = fun times.

We were quite reserved in the beginning as Kristy read us some stories in the Southpaw lounge 

Congrats to A-Love for her ARIA nomination!

CC is officially an i-lebrity (internet celebrity) / b-lebrity (blog celebrity) - hell yes, I've coined a phrase. Nathan's brush with fame:

Custards joined us later. We love Custards!

(shortly followed by a phone smashing incident)

It kinda sucks when bars close and they turn the lights on and kick you out into the street. That's OK though, it was the first warm night of Spring, so loitering was the game (this is how we do it):

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