Wednesday, 24 September 2008


I was inspired by Sophs post to call out some more Aussie fashion lameness. I entered a comp for something a while back which means I get emails every second fucking day regarding "30 days of fashion and beauty!" which is some event going on all this month full of tantalising events such as Celebrity Slim Fast taste testing, Valley Girl styling workshop (haha i considered this for like 30 seconds) and more recently the HAWT Speedo/Cleo parade hosted by Australia's favourite home-wrecker whore Laura Bingle! Holy shit I had to post pics coz this shit looked soooo depressing. It's like Speedo didn't even try, speedo you are are sportswear don't try and make the crossover coz you will fail. You did fail. Witness the shitness...

Lookout fellas, coz there's a new hottie in town! Um seriously...who thought it was a good idea. so fucking gross!

HAHAHAHAHAHAH Throw on some chucks and a simple tote and your sporty one piece becomes an adorable "streety" unitard. Cmon Cleo, seriously! I know your readers are dumb shits but stick to what you know, fashion ain't it.

"How many married footballers cocks have you sucked in the last week Laura?" Laura has a good think.

Moral of this post is that this was a horrible horrible travisty of fashion and cross-promotion. In speedos defence I did pick the worst swimsuits haha some were passable but the whole thing looked totally embaressing. I can hardly wait to see what other gems come up in this festival.

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