Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Mark Ronson's Highs and Lowes

So I was recently devastated to hear that Mark Ronson was not only dating someone but dating a model, Daisy Lowe. Jessie had me thinking he was gay for ages, which despite also being devastating was like Quitting whilst I was ahead as it meant I had absolutely no chance of successfully stalking him for reasons beyond my control. As opposed to not getting a look in because I was not a) famous b) retardedly hot c) good at music stuff d) all of the above.

But according to everyone and their (MTV) dog it is over between the 19 Year Old daughter of Gavin Rossdale and the Creative Genius brother of Sam and Charlotte Ronson. Breaking up is the absolute definition of Shit so I am in no way celebrating their love lost, my heart goes out to anyone in that situation.

I am just hoping one Summer in New York I happen to be immaculately dressed, groomed and made up and by chance run into him in the East Village, where he proceeds to take me somewhere amazing for lunch, we go record shopping and I pretend to know what he's talking about, then we get drunk somewhere cool and head to the McCaren Park Pool party that he is headlining.

Yes I am a simple girl.


Anonymous said...

You know why they broke up??
He's a bufty boy.. [plain and simple!

He's too pretty and well groomed to be straight.. and you know the gay runs in the familia (a.k.a the fire crotch muncher)


Community College said...

hey i'm trying to get an interview with him for the mag, do you wanna do it if i hook it up? haha Seriously. As long as i'm maid of honour at your wedding. probs wont happen (the interview that is) but will let you know.

I Miss Cigarettes... said...

Yeah i was shattered when i heard bout that daisy hoe.. Shes so beige, like whatever RONSON you know u need some funk in yo life. Boring ass-stick-ass-no-eating-crack-ass-model-bitch.
HAHA me = hater. But now they broke up, its all good.

LOL@anonymous... Man he aint gay!!
His sister sure as fuck is gay...
She looks like the boy yo, i aint feelin that samantha ronson shit. Seems like all these lil wannabe lesbo emo chicks think its cool 2 like samantha, like shes rad.. um yea WHATEVER.. MARK! HOLLA! @ CHA GIRLZ hehehe